Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Midsommar 2010

It's not a religious holiday nor about giving presents. It's simply a celebration of Summer and if you live in Stockholm then it's all about going out to the Skärgården. And this year we did it in style with a group of amazing friends.
Tomas sailed us on his sailing boat......

Where we met pirates on their way to a party, speakers aloft on their masts and written on the side of their boat; 'don't laugh your daughter might be on board'!
and then arrived at Gåsö where Filip's parents live.
Midsommar was in full swing at the local meadow where the Midsommar pole was already up on arrival.
I made my first blomsterkrans (flower crown) from 7 types of wildflowers.
Traditionally you're supposed to pick the flowers, put them under your pillow and dream about the person you will marry.
I was too scared that I wouldn't dream about Sam!
We the hung out in the garden.....
Everyone and everything is striped in Sweden!

And as the fullmoon came up ate a fantastic BBQ under the stars and drank Aquavit.

And drank champagne in the sauna before swimming!
Filip's parents have the most beautiful house.
His Grandmother was an artist.... such beautiful pictures.
My love for old luggage continues.
and deer skulls.

England! Old Union Jacks are super cool..... anyone see one pls let me know. I want to hang one from my window and be proud to be British! The Swedes erect their flags everywhere... I need to compete!
I love this kitchen and it's eclectic modernism.
more homage to the Brits!

Maximillia flew in from L.A and fitted right in in her fishermans waterproof (nicely styled with some old fishing nets!)
The boys fished and caught nada (well apart from Tomas who dug for worms in the garden). I always thought fish were cleverer than to believe that a brightly coloured feathery plastic thing was appetizing enough to eat!
Another rainbow above our abode.
And then home again! Awesome weekend. Thanks guys for making my first Midsommar so special! x


  1. katie........i love your blog updates, everyday i check my dashboard hoping theres more from your amazing new life. x

  2. homesick now, really really badly :-( I got married on midsummer night, such a beautiful time...

  3. oh don't be homesick Nora... come visit and bring those beautiful children!
    Leighanne..ditto to u too darling.
    Ur both right though... I LOVE it here!