Monday, 21 June 2010

Dufweholms Herrgård, Södermanland

Was built originally in 1495 and has seen family feuds, romantic intrigues, lavish parties, illustrious affairs and is home to many ghosts! Proper Jane Eyre stuff. It's now a hotel which serves probably the best food I have yet to taste in Sweden (and the world if I'm honest!). All locally produced and caught in the local rivers and farms. Such a beautiful place to stay for a weekend. Recommended.

There was a 100year old shop in the garden... the packaging back then was perfect and somehow more eyecatching. Graphic designers take note.

Mannequins scare me (apart from Kelly Lebrock in 'Mannequin' cus she was hot!).

Wash with wash bear... go on boys you'll smell like bear.

Spooky dolls, Spooky painting...The whole house creaked at night.

4 glasses of wine and a fine whiskey we retired to the garden and the swinging chair..mmm.

Love my new Acne dress.

I want one!
and one of these too.

WARNING: The english pronunciation of Peonies means Penis. Try asking for a bunch of penises next time your at the florist!!!

Wildflowers in Sweden are insane.

I love holes in trees... I just wanna climb in a pretend to be in the Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton!


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