Saturday, 5 June 2010

Classic cars.

We once owned a Triumph Dolomite from 1974.... we bought it from a old lady in Hackney who used it once a week to go to church. It was our first car and we loved it and the great thing was that you didn't need to know much about cars to be able to fix them. It came with a manual and all you needed was a set of spanners to tighten the odd nut and bolt and there. Unfortunately we only had it for 6 months before it failed it's MOT. So we put it on ebay and sold it to some Italian guy who drove it back to Italy....... can't quite believe it made it there! I hope 'Barry' the Triumph was renovated and is now back to his glory days driving around the Alps.

But that first experience of 'classic' cars will inspire me one day to invest in one again.
Perhaps an old 1970's Mercedes or even a cadillac.

In Sweden 'Raggare' guys (Pick up artists) drive around the country side in classic american cars drinking. It's a big thing here and they are cool but slightly white trash and hillbilly.
I like their style.

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