Sunday, 9 May 2010

Yasuragi Spa Stockholm

A beautiful serene place set on the side of a rock hill overlooking the water but nestled amongst pine trees (and a scattering of Japenese fauna). This place rocks! You are taught how to wash japenses style sitting on a small wooden stool with your own wooden bucket which you fill and pour over yourselves. The hot pools are all made from stone and have big rocks to lean against whilst you sit admiring the view.
Designed in 1977 by Japanese architect Yoji Kasajima this place has elements of the house in 'A Single Man'. Naturally Edie and I now want a summer house with decking and hot pools just like it. Will the Ã…kesson brothers be able to make our dreams come true?? Go on!


  1. erm.....amazing!! we need to plan a girlie weekend so a few of us can come and visit !xx

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